The Survivors - Angela White

The Survivors

By Angela White

  • Release Date: 2012-02-28
  • Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Score: 4.5
From 52 Ratings


Untold Miles of Lawless, Apocalyptic Roads
"This is Safe Haven Refugee Camp. Can anyone hear me? …hello? Is anyone out there?"

The end of the world has given us a harsh, merciless existence, where nature tries hard to push humanity to the very brink of extinction. Everything is against us, between us. Untold miles of lawless, apocalyptic roads wait for our feet, and the future, cold and dark, offers little comfort. Without change, there can be no peace. Only survivors.

Set along the lines of The Stand and The Postman, this is a chilling vision of the collapse of all society and the rebirth of a nation by those who survived. It's so much more than just another sci fi series. This way, please...

Tags: Apocalyptic, war, horror, survival, dystopian, extinction, end of the world, good vs evil, adventure, post-apocalyptic, armageddon, shft, survivors, life after war, angela white, apocalypse, nuclear


  • Absolutely one of the best books I have read

    By qqqmmmxxxccc
    This is a series. You will anxiously wait for each new book. The characters get to you. You will think about them after your done reading. The author is self published and has worked hard to get them published. She has 4 different series and they are all great.
  • Great Series

    By Roadglide Jim
    This is the first book of 10 that is currently in the series. This book is great. It really keeps on the edge of your seat. Once you finish this first book you will be reading the rest. Angela White is a great author!
  • The Survivors

    By Masanobu Cortéz
    Sorry... I've had it. Right wing patriarchal jingoistic, one dimensional, fear mongering drivel feeding simple uncritical minds with the stinking lies of a right wing authoritarian consciousness. Exceptionalistan strikes again. The sad loss of an illusion, delusion that never existed. I hated this book. I couldn't finish. I direct those who might be puzzled by the review to read Howard Zinn's " A People's History of the United States" or " Columbus and other Cannibals" or the journals of Fra De las Casas who accompanied Columbus. No. I'm not entirely sure of what I'm trying to express. This book contains premises that imply a world view that I loathe. An arrogant complacency that assumes a heartbreaking loss of something that has NEVER existed. Build a picture from the acknowledgment of a nation that got its start from the genocide of indigenous people, the enslavement of other people, constant war and belligerence.... I could go on but what's the point.