A Beginners Guide to Using Mac OS X (10.10) Yosemite - Katie Morris & GadChick

A Beginners Guide to Using Mac OS X (10.10) Yosemite

By Katie Morris & GadChick

  • Release Date: 2014-10-27
  • Genre: Operating Systems
Score: 4.5
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Apple Maps.  Robert Downey Jr.  Detroit.  These are a few examples of great things that just needed some hard work and a fresh look to really explode.  After OS X Mavericks was met with indifference, many worried that future OS X updates would continue to be a steady stream of minor upgrades and tweaks.  Continuing the new naming convention of Californian locations, the new iteration will be dubbed ‘Yosemite’ after California’s beloved national park, with no relation to a certain Looney Tunes character.  With OS X Yosemite, Apple is showing the world that OS X is not doomed to incremental upgrades, and diligently went through everything “feature by feature, pixel by pixel” to create a totally new and improved makeover for an old friend.  If you’ve used any OS X version before, there’s no way you’ll feel totally lost as you forage through Yosemite but your computer will definitely look and feel like a brand new system.  

There are many new changes both aesthetic and mechanical, and this guide will take you through it all whether you're an OS X spring chicken or a grizzled Mac veteran.  If this is your first Apple computer (congrats on making the jump by the way!), we will also detail how to switch everything over from your old PC, and show you the differences between Windows and Mac.  If you are ready to learn the ins and outs of OS X Yosemite, grab a fresh cup of coffee (decaf if it’s late) and let’s get to work.


  • c:

    By HiDropDead
  • Average book for a cheap price

    By andyman0116
    This is a really good beginning introductory book, considering you don't know about computers either a Mac or a PC. It explains stuff that you already know like making accounts, folders, and surfing the web (privacy and cookie settings). It does a good job covering about every major technique to using a Mac, but is not very detailed In each field . I felt It could have used more illustrations, but for the price compared to "Macs for Dummies" I felt I could get away with this. I read this after owning my first Mac a month later and felt that reading this was unnecessary because I already googled all of my questions rather than pic up this copy on my ipad. That being said if you really want to get the most knowledge out of your Mac just buy the Mac for dummies book. It's around 18$ if you get a good used one and digital copies are cheap also. This book is really not going to tell you something you can't easily find out on the web. So don't buy this, save you a couple bucks and get the Mac for dummies. Hope this helps!
  • Very Helpful

    By Pposey
    As a completely new Mac user, I found this book to be a big help in getting me started. Easy to understand, organized for quick reference, and useful content for a new user. I loved the comparisons offered to help out those converting from Windows.
  • amazing book

    By Jatt1374
    very suitable for a beginner