A Guide to Juicing, Raw Foods & Superfoods: Eat a Healthy Diet & Lose Weight - Geoff Wells

A Guide to Juicing, Raw Foods & Superfoods: Eat a Healthy Diet & Lose Weight

By Geoff Wells

  • Release Date: 2014-01-26
  • Genre: Special Diet


Eat a Healthy Diet & Lose Weight Without Hunger

“A Guide to Juicing, Raw Foods & Superfoods” is a compendium of information that not only highlights the amazing benefits of adding juicing, raw foods and Superfoods to your diet, it also includes over 30 delicious and easy to follow recipes. It is the first step on your journey to finding the best options for a healthy lifestyle. The authors, Geoff and Vicky Wells, have already begun this journey and are seeing some remarkable results. They are aware that there is an ever-increasing group of people who are looking for natural solutions to their health problems and have sought to provide a number of solutions from their own experiences. The items that are recommended can easily be found in any local farmers market or grocery store and, if your shopping is properly planned, it will not put a strain on your grocery budget. Both the information and tasty recipes in this book are a must-have for any individual who wants to achieve optimal health. It also serves as a reference for those who are just beginning to research the benefits of a juicing, raw foods and Superfoods diet. Now is always the best time to begin your journey to a fitter, longer, healthier life.
Here Are Just A Few Headings From Our Linked Table of Contents

What Is Juicing?
Types of Juicers
What Is A Raw Food Diet?
Do I Eat Nothing But Raw Food?
What Are Superfoods?
Some Highly-Rated Superfoods
What Are the Benefits of Juicing?
Juicing Helps Boost Your Immune System
Juicing Helps Clean Out Your Digestive System
Juicing Helps You Lose Weight
Juicing Gives You More Energy
Juicing Helps You Improve Your Skin and Keeps You Looking Young
Juicing Gets Even the Pickiest Child to Consume Vegetables
What Are the Benefits of Eating Raw Foods?
Weight Loss
Better Skin
More Energy
Lower Cholesterol
More Time
You Can Eat A Lot
Saves Money
What Are the Benefits of Superfoods?

And Here Are Just A Few Of The More Than 30 Recipes
Almond Milk
Cashew Milk
Chocolate and Coconut Smoothie
Fresh From The Garden Vegetable Cocktail
Geoff’s Famous Hummus
Goodness Gracious Green
Hot Veggie Drink
Minty Green Refresher
Multi-Bean Salad
Peachy Green Smoothie
Peppered Strawberries
Raw Fruit Salad
Raw Veggies and Dip
Rice Milk
Tomato, Cucumber and Cilantro Salad
Very Berry Smoothie
Vicky’s Granola
Almost Waldorf Salad (No Mayo)
Nut Butter