A Time to Betray - Reza Kahlili

A Time to Betray

By Reza Kahlili

  • Release Date: 2010-04-06
  • Genre: Biographies & Memoirs
Score: 4.5
From 297 Ratings


An exhilarating true story that reads like a spy thriller about a former CIA operative recruited out of Iran, while he served as a member of the secretive and highly feared Revolutionary Guards of Iran.


This exhilarating, award-winning memoir of a secret double life reveals the heart-wrenching story of a man who spied for the American government in the ranks of the notorious Revolutionary Guards of Iran, risking everything by betraying his homeland in order to save it.

Reza Kahlili grew up in Tehran surrounded by his close-knit family and friends. But the enlightened Iran of his youth vanished forever, as Reza discovered upon returning home from studying computer science in the United States, when the revolution of 1979 ushered in Ayatollah Khomeini’s dark age of religious fundamentalism. Clinging to the hope of a Persian Renaissance, Reza joined the Ayatollah’s elite Revolutionary Guards. As Khomeini’s tyrannies unfolded, as fellow countrymen turned on each other, and after the deeply personal horrors he witnessed firsthand inside Evin Prison, a shattered and disillusioned Reza returned to America to dangerously become “Wally,” a spy for the CIA.

In A Time to Betray, Reza not only relates his razor’s-edge, undercover existence from moment to heart-pounding moment as he supplies vital information from the Iran-Iraq War, the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103, the Iran-Contra affair, and more; he also documents a chain of incredible events that culminates in a nation’s fight for freedom that continues to this very day, making this a timely and vital perspective on the future of Iran and the fate of the world.


  • True Perspective

    By Coop03842
    While America and the Obama administration try to negotiate with a radical Islamic régime this book gives a true perspective of the type of people the Iranian hierarchy truly is. Read it and you'll appreciate the fact that there will never be a truce in that region.
  • A Time to Betray

    By Mike from hhh
    Excellent read & good history lesson
  • Interesting but not more

    By saraesmaili
    Too much "feeling" narrative and too little substance.
  • What a story

    By Saintness
    If you've ever wondered how any rational Iranian could ever support the revolution which led to the oppressive regime in power now, Mr. Khalili in his book tells you. Not only that, but what lengths one might consider to help save their homeland. As exciting as any spy-thriller and what an emotional roller coaster to have to go through. Highly recommended for anyone, whether you are interested and knowledgeable about Iran or have always wanted to understand the last 30 years in Iran from the eyes of a man, father, and husband who loves his country... enough to betray it. Highly recommended.
  • this book is a joke

    By albertbrmj
    dont biy this book its crap. story more on his personal thinmg rather than spionage. i paid 12 bucks for a crap
  • Thanks for sharing what we would never learn from the media

    By Gigot_H
    More of the world, particularly the west, needs to know that the Iranian revolution was not originally about fanatic, fundamental Islam, but that Khomeini hijacked the student revolution for his greedy, power-hungry, brutal agenda. Reza's story is well narrated, and very enlightening.
  • Ripping Good Yarn

    By Chewie0517
    Great book with interesting characters
  • Heart Connecting

    By jayopsis
    Just finished this book and I felt a heartache for the people of Iran and an understanding of the rule of the Mullahs that was previously misunderstood. My prayers will continue to be for freedom in that important region. These are dangerous and strategic times- I hope leaders in the world will wake up. This is an amazing book and one I will always remember.
  • I couldn't put it down!

    By Imnutty
    Just incredible! It reads like the best spy novel ever written and several times I had to remind myself this was REAL! I pray that the elected leaders in Washington DC will read this and realize what idealistic thuggery they are dealing with in Iran cannot be reasoned with and stand with the people there instead of placating criminals doing unspeakable acts in the name of God!!
  • Iran's lesson to the world

    By poopdeckpappi
    You can listen or read media that has not lived it or you can enjoy and learn from a man who has walked in tyrants shadows. If you don't feel grateful to fate's hand at our birth in freedom then you won't know what we have till it is gone.