The Lost Art of Meditation - John Wilmot Mahood

The Lost Art of Meditation

By John Wilmot Mahood

  • Release Date: 2017-12-30
  • Genre: Bible Studies


The Lost Art of Meditation explores various means through which believers in God and the spirit's supreme essence can reclaim their faith through the use of deep and soulful contemplation. 
For John Wilmot Mahood, the human spirit is being drowned out by the maddening hysteria of modern life. Our minds are so occupied with various distractions and happenings that the profound wisdom of Christ and the Lord are neglected. Our attention is forever outward, upon material objects and experiences - meanwhile the soul goes unattended, and suffers greatly in the face of such frenetic impatience. 
The author's proscription is simple, but requires lengthy dedication: the reader must take up and explore the spiritual craft of meditation, first by realizing its sheer importance and essence. We must ignore the overly simple statements of certain preachers and evangelists in favor of the soul's inner chamber, where spiritual nourishment may be accessed in its purest and least trammeled form. 
This book consists of a series of fourteen essays, each of which discusses meditation in relation to various religious practices. Its relation to the practice of prayer, to spiritual revelations, to the Holy Bible, and to guiding one's actions in life is explored. Mahood also describes how meditation makes the believer more conscious of God's creation; nature, in all its boundless splendor, becomes all the more vibrant and gorgeous to the vision.