The Fireproof Girl - Loretta Lost

The Fireproof Girl

By Loretta Lost

  • Release Date: 2016-10-03
  • Genre: Suspense
Score: 4
From 331 Ratings


She can run, but she can never escape her past...

Sophie was abandoned at birth and grew up neglected and abused. Her only friends were computers, until she met Cole Hunter. He became her everything: brother, protector, and partner in crime.  

She believed that nothing could ever tear them apart. Until it did. 

Years later, when news of Cole's murder reaches Sophie, she completely snaps. She will tear down heaven and earth to find his killer, even enlisting the help of her ex-military ex-boyfriend. 

But the more she gets involved with the investigation, the more she puts herself at risk...


When Cole was nine years old, he watched his whole family burn to death in a house fire. He became obsessed with architecture and rebuilding his life. 

Sophie became his secret weapon. Protecting her was his purpose. But Sophie was damaged right from the start, and Cole always feared he wouldn't be able to save her from her enemies or from herself...


  • Slow & Annoying

    By smcreader
    Not a fan of the story / plot.
  • Fireproof Girl

    By Kfaninfl
    This was a terrific book. Well written and riveting.
  • Unexplainable

    By rlydell
    Haven’t a clue.
  • The Fireproof Girl

    By CheapReader
    At first I was enjoying the quirky style of story telling. But there were a few holes in the story that bothered me. Then you get to the part where there isn't really an end of this story it's just another continuous soap opera series. So I felt like a waste of my time.
  • Trigger warning!

    By Cris Ipod
    Since the blurb to this book isn’t completely clear, let me be: DO NOT read this book if explicit sexual assault, alcoholism, drug use, child abuse, prostitution, pedophilia, war/violence, suicide, mental illness, relationship manipulation, and stalking disturb you. None of those issues are dealt with in a particularly healthy way and they can really harm someone who is sensitive to it and isn’t prepared. That said, the main character is strongly written and interesting. The pacing of the story is good, and really invites you to pick apart the mysteries. The ending isn’t a cliffhanger exactly, but you will need to buy additional books in order to reach a satisfying conclusion to the story. There’s a little too much genius worship and extreme intimacy without build up to be believable to me, but it was a good read nonetheless.
  • pretty solid

    By GimmeGimme21086
    I liked this book. The dedications at the end, though, really got me. So raw, honest and real. Definitely interested in continuing this series.
  • Very very emotionally descriptive

    By BuelaFern
    Too many emotional descriptors for me..made it drag. I skimmed quite a bit because it took too long to get to action. The verbiage is well-written it’s just repetitive describing inner turmoils before anything finally happens. I was also wondering through much of the book if there were supernatural elements involved and that part was confusing rather than alluring.
  • Great book

    By Pjcpjn
    I thought this was a great book. It has everything you want in a book, romance, intrigue, murder, mystery. I’m so happy to know there are other books to keep the story going. I can’t wait to read them.
  • The Fireproof Girl

    By Mook1204
    Amazing book! I couldn’t put it down. Cole and Scarlets story was riveting. The author has a way of making you feel every emotion the characters are portraying. I’ll definitely continue with the series.
  • The fireproof girl

    By IPMPH
    A page turner, it has everything a thriller a sad story and romance. I can’t wait to read theBulletproof Boy.i highly recommend this series. A good author who knows how to cast great characters.